The Wolverine


Don’t waste (im)mortality

  1. The Vapors: Turning Japanese
  2. Young Knives: Vision in Rags
  3. Jay-Z: Forever Young
  4. Bell Biv DeVoe: Poison
  5. Beatles: I Am The Walrus
  6. Queen: Who Wants To Live Forever
  7. James Blake: Retrograde
  8. Soggy Bottom Boys: Man Of Constant Sorrow
  9. Chris Cornell: You Know My Name
  10. Coldplay: Yellow
  11. Foo Fighters: My Hero
  12. Pulp: Help The Aged
  13. Oasis: Live Forever
  14. The Killers: When We Were Young

Vids below or, if you want it all in one spot, check out the playlist!

1.       Turning Japanese- The Vapors (New Clear Days)

2.       Vision in Rags – Young Knives (Ornaments from the Silver Arcade)

3.       Forever Young – Jay-Z (The Blueprint 3)

4.       Poison – Bell Biv DeVoe (Poison)

5.       I Am The Walrus – Beatles (Magical Mystery Tour)

6.       Who Wants To Live Forever – Queen (A Kind Of Magic)

7.       Retrograde – James Blake (Overgrown)

8.       Man Of Constant Sorrow – Soggy Bottom Boys (O Brother, Where Art Thou?)

9.       You Know My Name – Chris Cornell (Casino Royale)

10.   Yellow – Coldplay (Parachutes)

11.   My Hero – Foo Fighters (The Colour and the Shape)

12.   Help The Aged – Pulp (This is Hardcore)

13.   Live Forever – Oasis (Definitely Maybe)

14.  When We Were Young – The Killers (Sam’s Town)

Want to listen to everything in one go? Try the playlist here.

This wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be… was a pleasant romp despite the weird plot… I mean: Wolvie vs Samurai and Ninjas… always gonna be a win.

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